Family Trees

A lot has been written of the early settlers Johnville. Where they hailed from, the immigration routes, marriages and burials. The settlement of Johnville has evolved from a wooded 20,000 acre tract to a rich and beautiful farm community that has enriched the country with a multitude of people who have their roots here. The industrious and adventurous immigrants who settled this area have left a legacy . We are that legacy and have travelled forth to new adventures of our own and continue to mark our place in the world.

The Johnville Connection – future project of the Johnville Picnic

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  1. My name is Ellen S. Foley and I live in Massachusetts but visited every summer in New Brunswick when I grew up. Our family roots are in Johnville, though my mother went to nursing school in Houlton and remained in the States for the rest of her life.

    My mother, E. Marie (Cronin) Foley was the daughter of Susan and John Cronin. Both grandparents are buried in the Johnville cemetery. My husband, Jack Murphy, and I visited the cemetery on our way to visit our cousin, Connie (Cronin) Conrod and her husband Burton, of Baddeck, NS now, several years ago.

    My mother told so many stories of great adventures with her brothers and sisters – Kay, Walter, Dan, Frank, Irene, Vincent, and Walter, and friends and cousins. We had all hoped to go to the Johnville Picnic this year but Covid-19 had other ideas. Wishing all in Johnville a healthy and happy picnic weekend.

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