Since it’s inception in 1860, when Bishop John Sweeney obtained from the New Brunswick government the original land tract to settle 100 Irish families on land of their own, to the continued growth and prosperity of the community of Johnville, the pastors serving the Parish of Johnville have held a position of esteem. The Church has long been the focal point of both spiritual and social life in Johnville and through the years the leadership and guidance of it’s priests have influenced the people and the community.

As the settlement grew and the construction of a new church in Johnville was underway, Father William Chapman (1976-1891) planned a gigantic Picnic for August 20, 1878 to help generate building funds. With an excursion train from Woodstock met by teams and drivers in Bath to take them to Johnville, the picnic goers enjoyed a day of unforgettable hospitality . The success of that first picnic as a time to welcome friends and fundraise as well for church projects became a tradition over the years .

Pastors Messages

Father Anthony Ekpe

Pastor 2018-Present

Father Bill Brennan

Father Owen Burns

Pastor 2011-2017

Father David Fulton ………………… Pastor 2006-2010


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