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Hi from Slave Lake!
Samantha (Keenan), Charlie, Ben & Karsyn

This is us meeting with Josie & Chris’ new son, Carsten James Pittman born July 24, 2020. We are telling him stories about all the fun to be had at the Johnville Picnic and recruiting him early LOL Bethany Boyd, Sarah Boyd, Josie Pickard

Eileen Kilfoil walking the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Happy Johnville Picnic all you Johnvillers, past and present!
I was so happy when Alma and Joe told me about this glorious event! What a brilliant way to memorialize our Johnville Picnic history and continue to extend its happening through this torturous pandemic year! It was an event we always got excited about each year as kids! Even as adults! Everyone got involved more and more every year. Whether it was watching the ladies like Cassie Allison, Mary Boyd, Rita Kilfoil and others cut up the turkeys, washing dishes in the back of Tara Hall kitchen and finally one year graduating to waiting on table, I never will lose these memories!

Kathleen Newell writes:

Disappointed that our best made plans were interrupted by Corona.  Think it is great that there still is a way to connect though and have forwarded your link to many family members in US and Canada who were planning to attend this year.
God willing, there is always next time!

Keep up your good work!

Kathleen Newell
Parents:  John and Susan CRONIN
who were born, lived and died in Johnville-Bath


Hi to all of you and what a great job on the virtual picnic.  Bonus: I don’t have to spend the day hiding from someone who always needs some sort of job done (you know who you are). The Johnville picnic was a definite high point of the kid year and I have lots of great memories of great times with friends, neighbours and relatives, on picnic day, rain or shine.  Lots of the folks who made it so great are no longer with us, like Sam and Betty Boyd, Anne Kilfoil, Frances Cullen,   Pauline (Boyd) McIntyre, Joanne (Gallagher) Pickard , my own sweet parents Maurice and Rita Corbett and  many many others.  Glad to see you figured out a way to hold Johnville Picnic 2020 to honor them all!  I don’t have a picture of myself here  at home on Wolfe Island, Ontario, but I sent along a picture of Dad!  Take care and thanks again for the memories.

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Kathy (Sweeney) Cannon 2018

This was so Awesome!!!! The Virtual Homecoming… A lot of time & Effort went in to this wonderful presentation. We are so sad to miss the Johnville Picnic, All though we know for obvious reasons It can not be helped at this time. I will be 59 an a high lite every summer was going to see all our family & Attending the Johnville picnic .My Mothers, family the Lloyds, were apart of the parish for many, many, years . I remember doing little jobs for my Grand mother Sweeney, to have money for the picnic , & My Uncle frank & Aunt Alice&Uncle Lawrence Aunt Monica Sweeney ,giving my brother Lloyd & I money, for the picnic. we loved the fish pond,!!!!I Ujean Allison, ran the Fish Pond, I recall I got a lot of little coloured ash trays, for My Mother & Grandmothers Jewelry ,They were like coloured glass. I was so very excited ! As I grew up I Married& My Husband & I loved to bring our boys to the picnic .The Church supper was a high lite for them, Tradition was I would go to the canteen, with my Dad ,We loved the hamburgers & Fries…. David My Husband would attend the supper with my Mom Lucille Sweeney & other family members. It was a day to be proud of our faith , Culture to see family & friends, I grew up very blessed to be apart of this wonderful tradition & be grateful for my parents influence. Our family photo albums are full of photos many of the Johnville picnic from the Boxcar races skits & mass out side ,to the greased pole the kids would jump from in the hay, the pony rides, Photoes of my Dad & Husband sawing through wood with a hand saw . cousins DUNKED in the dunk tank , even Father Dave! the crown & Anker was always awesome!A few years ago we had friends drive down from Ontario to surprise us & attend the picnic Roger & Sandra Pitre. Roger is featured in the Photo Album singing& playing the guitar . He had always promised my mother one year he would show up & sing @ the picnic, he kept his promise .she passed away the April after the picnic. My Memories include past years waiting on tables with the Boyd girls I enjoyed so much lots of laughs & got to see many people as well.. Buying pictures of the church, for gifts & other special treasures. The tradition lives on ,last year our son Josh& daughter-in-law Danika, attended the picnic & surprised me with a beautiful gift for my Birthday of the Johnville Church. My Parents were married in that church along with many other sacraments. We have travelled to a lot of places & had the good fortune to have experienced a lot of things . The Johnville picnic will forever be etched in our Memories. From This years 2020 Virtual Homecoming The Beautiful pictures .The touching words & Blessing From Bill. The Hello Video of families & homes & scenery from Johnville. we wish every one Peace & Health ,stay safe, As the Irish Blessing states, Until we can meet again May God Hold you in the palm of his hand. God Bless,Kathy & David Cannon of Oshawa On ( Kathy Sweeney)Daughter of Conrad & the late Lucille Sweeney. PS As a teenager I worked in the canteen LovedThose Fries!!!

Picnic Greetings from the McCulloughs

Kelly (Boyd) & Dave McCullough, Nicholas & Jackson
Hi from the Denny Girls! (front) Helene Grant, Judy Denny, Lori Ann Denny, (back) Darlene Morgan, Kathy Scott, Marlene Adams.

Happy Picnic Day from The Girls at Mark’s the Spot!

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